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The fogger nozzle is the only method of delivery for a dry kit. If the maf does not pick up the extra air, the injectors will not put extra fuel into the mix and you will run really lean. On the V6, the models made in 1998 and prior can use the dry kits safer than the models made in 1999 and after.The reason is, in 1999, Ford switched from a return style fuel system (where the excess fuel not burned is returned to the fuel tank) to a returnless style fuel system.On the 99 s however, the returnless style makes the maf calculate the exact amount needed.

When running a large shot (125 in the case for a V6 mustang) the nitrous/fuel mixture can easily pool in one cylinder.

The bottle is mounted anywhere in the car, but most of the time, mounted in the trunk.

The V6 mustang actually has a pre-drilled hole behind the passenger side backseat.

After all, it is just moving with the air, you cannot expect it to split exactly evenly in the upper intake.

You want the nitrous to be spaced evenly to achieve the most power.

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