One year dating anniversary plans

When a gift-giving event like an anniversary comes around, you’ll have a ton of options to choose from. Print a meaningful compliment on an object they’ll use every day: 41.

Write them a short story where they are the main character. Plan a crazy outdoor adventure that’s a bit beyond your normal comfort zone. Rent a boat for an evening and go on a romantic sunset cruise.

Hey, maybe we should all be a little more Nick and Priyanka.

You found love and what better way to spend delivering love than helping others feel some compassion and kindness too? If your partner is artistically inclined, buy them a sketch pad and some nice art materials.The rule is that every song has to describe the way you feel about the other person. Buy them a ring inscribed with “thank you” so that every time they look at it they’ll know how grateful you are for them and how treasured they really are. Go back to the place you originally met and take a photo there.Make this a regular tradition for every anniversary and watch what changes every year; not only how you guys age but how the environment where you met changes. If your partner has a sweet tooth, order a special made box of their favorite color of candy, so they don’t have to sort through the bag. You could also make customized M&Ms with both of your initials on them. Plan a scavenger hunt that takes you through your city to different places you’ve been on dates that are important to you.Gift all the envelopes together so your partner can look forward to a whole year of fun, pre-planned outings with you. Build a fire on a beach and spend all evening holding each other and telling each other your favorite memories of being a couple. Use an app that rounds up your purchases and put the money in a special savings account so you two can take a romantic vacation to somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel together. Go someplace in your city that has a romantic view.Bring supplies for a picnic and leisurely go through this list of questions and get to know each other even better. Spend a few weeks jotting down a note in your phone every time you think of something about them you love and are grateful for.

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