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The build method of the SAXEngine calls the parser to parse the xml.

The first step we should do is to learn how to parse and print a simple XML document using both DOM and SAX.

A DTD defines a set of rules for the allowable tags and attributes in an XML document, and the order and cardinality of the tags.

Programs using the DTD must still agree on what the tags mean (semantics again), but a DTD defines the words (or, the tags) and the grammatical rules for a particular XML dialect.

When you call the build methods the builder will first get the SAXEngine and then call the build method of the SAXEngine.

Still enable all validation, but set the factories up such that all schemas and DTDs are actually loaded locally, for instance, and if the callback doesn't return a DTD, it either fails fast or skips validation.

2.x is deliberately very different to 1.x but the legacy project should be a drop-in replacement.

One thing you may have heard about XML is that it lets the system developer define custom tags.

With a nonvalidating parser, you certainly have that ability.

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This DTD file defines all elements to keep in the xml file.

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