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While traditional CCTV systems offer excellent value for money, they do have two distinct disadvantages: Hidden security cameras easily solve this problem.

A criminal won’t know to disable the cameras if they don’t know the cameras are there.

While not illegal, it usually makes more sense to your system — enabling record functionality only when the house is empty.

Regardless of your system, you should always double check your local state laws before configuring anything more complex than a basic anti-intruder system.

For your next camera, this hidden camera alarm clock [Broken Link Removed] features night vision, motion detection, and has a built in battery.

With a built in battery, and 1080p image quality, this is one camera that no one will ever spot.There’s no power supply either, just a bulky USB cable, so you’ll need to get creative if you want to leave it permanently powered on.This is a long list of hidden surveillance cameras, but we’ve actually barely scratched the surface.This camera is totally hidden inside a non functional smoke detector.You’ll still need a real smoke detector, so be careful with your placement — people may get suspicious of two smoke detectors right next to each other.

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