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I would see a woman that made me HAPPY to be a man, would give me butterflies in the stomach, blood would start pumping to parts of my body, my mind would forget about everything else and that magical moment was all that mattered and then….a little voice in the back of my mind would shut me down.It would tell me something like “no way she is single” or ” she would never be into a guy like me”, “I don’t know what to say”, or even worse, “it would be too awkward to go and talk to her with people watching”! Some of you have always felt this, and some guys like me, after a long term relationship ended, had to get back out there and start over.I can only imagine how fast my progress would have been if I had someone there to help me when I needed it.That is why I offer personal and 100% private COACHING, either in person or on the phone.When I got married, I happily waved goodbye to my single status.I never thought for a minute that after just three years of marriage, I would be on a first date ever again.I am living proof of what is possible and how awesome your life can get, and the best part is it wasn’t even that hard to get here!If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you.

I finally hit my breaking point when I got stood up on New Year’s Eve 2005.David, while not as handsome as Corin, has studied Neil Strauss's books and knows how to handle himself around the ladies.Each episode, after that week's mission is complete, Neil Strauss discusses what rule of The Game they've highlighted that week, and gives you a mission to complete on your own.If you want to learn how to crush online dating guide to an eight-part video series designed to teach you the best methods and techniques to successfully pick up girls and score their numbers.

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  1. Same size as me or smaller and compact is also hot. Some 29 year olds are wiser than some 50 year olds. About Me: I’m a 6’ 185lbs athletic built married man just looking for some fun with another fit/athletic man. Fairly intelligent, occasionally sarcastic, and always modest. About Guys I Want To Meet: I like guys that are masculine. Now I lead a quiet life in chicago developing an historic property, and pursuing my real passion, composing music for opera singers. About Guys I Want To Meet: I like lean, fit guys of any age, some muscle is a bonus. love Americans, smooth or furry, love a foreign backround, ideas, accents. i have the fearlessness and crazy side of my brot... About Me: Just a guy here clean cut educated and well rounded, always looking to improve myself mentally, spiritually and physically, knowledge truly is power…