Mystery dating method

If there is a lot of sexual tension between both of you, and during too many dates in a row (too many = more than 3), it can make things awkward (and she will think that you have a small cock).It would even be possible that she stops seeing frequently because of frustration, and thus wanting to play it gentleman will make you lose everything.It underlines as well the fact that you are sexually confident…and an active person in your search (of sex or love: in other words, of women).

It is one of the most important ingredients to make a success of your date and finally sleep with her just after.

It’s because of this fact that the notion of “nice guy” became so pejorative.

I am not suggesting you to bang your chest by roaring out nor to drag her in the kitchen by catching her by her hair to seduce her.

He does not embrace his real nature of virile man who has needs…

he does not act according to his deep instinct of male.

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