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"When I got online to do the whole match thing, it was overwhelming."She tried those mobile apps and dating websites, poring over thousands of profiles, waiting to see if anyone swiped right on her picture.It led to a few dates, some awkward, some stressful."This is a buyer beware situation,'' said UC Hastings Law Professor David Levine. Just before the hearing, Silicon Valley Matchmakers agreed to waive the 00 she still owed on her contract and dropped its demand to take down her reviews.Another woman from Milpitas, who asked ABC7 not to use her name, also sued the company in small claims court saying Silicon Valley Matchmakers gave misleading information about dates.She filled out a survey with more than 100 questions, covering everything from personality to religion.The only thing missing was pictures; the service doesn't show clients photos of potential dates."He said oh I have people in mind already for you,'' she says.We’ve also included data on the education levels of residents, and how to get in touch with the public and private schools near you.

This is why we’ve taken the time to provide the most up-to-date statistics on public and private schools in the Monterey , CA, area.

He is engaging, sweet, attentive, very complimentary...thank you for a wonderful match."And "Charles" wrote: Right from the beginning Carole and I were seeking the same dream...

we found that we had a lot in common and became friends at first and then our relationship blossomed and we fell in love..."Our legal expert says you should read any dating service contract carefully.

At first she said none of the matchmakers contacted her with potential dates.

She says she was finally was matched with a man who was a devout Christian."I said, 'did they tell you I'm an atheist? "He said 'uh, nooooo.'"VIDEO: Even the love industry has consumer concerns Shirley says matchmakers rarely contacted her and she had to keep pestering the company to find dates, even after the company gave her four extra months on her contract.

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