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In short, she is proud to tend to the family and to be responsible for its well-being.

Another plus in the courtship of the Mongolian bride is her usual competency in the English language.

He laughs a lot and when he laughs he laughs loudly. I’ve also been to his studio and found myself slowly turning as I took in the walls like a student at a planetarium. Negatives, sketches, illustrations, bits of this and that, and yes, photographs. The ink blotches on the cover and the ink drawings….well, that’s Frank being Frank.

Mongolia is a landlocked, parliamentary republic located between China and Russia.

With a population of around 3 million inhabitants, Mongolia’s area is 1.6 million km² (603,000 sq. This makes it one of the least densely populated areas in Asia.

But lovers show affection in public all the time, especially young lovers with their long french kisses!

There are no strict rules on most of your questions, just do what suits you. If you were to be in Mongolia ,showing affection in public might get you some looks if you're not both Mongolian or asian looking but I don't think it's as bad if it were Foreign male and Mongolian female couple (Not how I feel at all, just socially it's like that and).

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