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He is similar to Ethan, being geeky and book-smart.He and Ethan understand each other better than anyone else, although Benny is more funny and outspoken than Ethan while Ethan is the more serious and sarcastic one.Here are 10 babysitter questions I use when interviewing a babysitter for the first time: Whether you are hiring a date night babysitter or a full-time nanny, be sure to discuss payment expectations during the interview so it’s not awkward or uncomfortable later.

I don't see any point in not being up front on Tinder about my children: They're part of the life I am proud of, not something to conceal. Even so, to my surprise, nearly every right swipe I make, signaling my interest in a guy, seems to result in a match. Later, when I check back again, I see that I've been unmatched. It's a sweet thought, but a wee bit excessive for a first date.

Despite that, Benny is a genuine friend to Ethan and is always ready to go on another adventure.

He is similar to Ethan, book-smart with an encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction, comic books and video games.

But conversations that start with promise trail off when I bring up the subject of my children. Don't men on Tinder even Luckily, not everyone I meet is so fickle. Then another casually drops into conversation that he enjoys writing erotic short stories. Later, after a passionate kiss to cap off the night, we make plans to see each other again. But when he arrives at my house for date two, he seems uncomfortable.

I start messaging Rob (not his real name, but a guy I have mutual friends with and have fancied for years), and after taking my youngest for his like-clockwork 1 a.m. On both occasions, I dart to the bathroom and frantically whisper-call my brilliantly ruthless babysitter, Laura, so that when I get back to the table, I just happen to get a text from her about an "emergency" requiring my immediate departure. As usual, I start the date by telling him I have two sons, even throwing in some funny anecdotes. The boys are at their dad's, but evidence of them is everywhere: pictures on walls, toys scattered on the floor.

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