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The 1.4g part (drive clutch) was molded in an Acetal grade material.

Each OEM’s team was comprised of three to five senior leaders from the company, which included program management, SQE/quality management, and process engineering management, so the premise of the method could be challenged against their global needs.This provided data for a visual, data-driven, quantifiable, and tangible IQ, OQ, PQ.Electronic files retain the trail of how one arrived at the process development validation and the objective evidence to correlate the part process plastic conditions to the resultant dimensional data/report (Figure 2).The MOEMC team established a Validation Master Plan (VMP) for the event and executed the initial full validation, followed by three separate qualification/verification trials, each with its own validation report.All information was collated in a Summary Report documenting the conclusive evidence that the MIV process was repeatable and all the dimensional inspections exceeded the targeted 1.5 Ppk and attribute data (Figure 1).

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