Microsoft project updating tasks

Unless you want to clear your baseline and reset it, simply choose another of your 11 baselines for an update.

You, as the project manager, will find baselines a useful way to document the shift in budgeting—in terms of money carved out of the budget as well as dedicated hours of labor.

This works best at the end of the task list (as pictured above).

In the Task Form, Type in the new task’s name, duration and also select Resource, units, predecessor and the type of dependency.

Inserting tasks in Microsoft Project is fairly easy, have you ever wanted to quickly insert a new task within an existing task list in your project plan? Typing at the top row of a blank project schedule and pressing Enter automatically adds a new task, another way is clicking on a blank row and typing.

However, in an established environment, inserting a new task is the easier way to make changes to your list.

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