Marriages that resulted from teenage dating dating ancient artifiacts

It might not have been the dream come true she wanted, but she was only made stronger for the experience in the end.Just as her film career was taking off, Olivia Wilde secretly married Tao Ruspoli.She was only 19 when she ran off with music producer Damon Thomas to Las Vegas.What is surprising is the marriage lasted for four years before the two divorced.The eight year age gap didn’t phase the pair at all, though the couple waited until she turned 18 to marry. Despite a failed marriage, the two found each other again 12 years later and married a second time. Drew Barrymore seemed eager to get married at a young age.

The main reason for the divorce - Miner was ready to settle down and start a family while Culkin was eager to get back into acting.Two years later, she was engaged yet again to Jamie Walters.Even after calling off two engagements before she even turned 20, Barrymore still managed to get married as a teenager.She chose to forgo marrying anyone in the business and opted for a Welsh bartender instead. The two had only dated a mere six weeks before deciding to stay together forever.For them, forever only lasted two months before the divorcing.

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