Markus frind started dating empire

Though when I heard women have to make the first move — I downloaded it and began swiping — if only out of curiosity.

I’ve used it for maybe ten minutes total since downloading it.

For crying out loud, have you been to your local bar lately?

You can acquire a lot of things there — a wife or husband just probably isn’t one of them.

Two days ago, the Match Group filed a lawsuit in Texas against Bumble, citing patent infringement as grounds for doing so. My inner dialogue went something like this “Is this the new norm? She attacked me like a rabid animal the moment we got in the door— before quickly saying we “had to slow things down” — to which I fully agreed and complied. The amount of texts I received over the next week from this woman began to worry me, mainly because I had stopped answering them shortly after they started. I’m sure she found a nice guy who can afford to have their significant other throw up a cup of coffee on the reg.

Match Group claims Bumble is competing against it with its own inventions and trade secrets and information they claim Bumble’s founder learned of in her time at Tinder. Thankfully, I quickly realized how insane she was before we got any further. As a courtesy, I told her to text me when she got home, so I knew she made it safely. As convenient as I found Tinder to be at first, my last experience kind of just left a bad taste in my mouth — quite literally actually.

Tinder is estimated to have 50 million users worldwide and was just recently valued at bringing IAC’s total valuation to around .68 billion.

There’s nothing awkward or introverted about those kind of numbers.

Frind started Plentyoffish in 2003, as an intended side project.Three things you won’t often hear one who founded a company worth half a billion say. I’ve met a total of three women on Tinder in real life.Which brings us to the hot new dating app known as Bumble. Two of who were very normal people, one of whom I still talk to here and there — and one who I briefly but honestly considered filing an order of protection against. I don’t recall what she ordered — I just remember her throwing it up moments later.Now, we live in a world where men have apparently even managed to lose the privilege of being able to approach a woman first, via those dating apps.As a man, I don’t really know what’s expected of me.

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In closing, I’d like to mention dating apps are becoming the only way men even feel safe or comfortable approaching women, in this day and age.

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