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The site, like e Harmony operates on the traditional way of online dating that it presumes its users are in the pursuit of a committed and emotionally satisfying relationship (Finkel, et al., 2012).

Also, similar to the brand oriented e Harmony,’s customer base is those whose needs are not properly being met under traditional matchmaking methods.

There has been a removal of the social stigma surrounding the use of online dating in recent years.

So much so, that Slater (2013) even talks about how the social norms around meeting and dating have been completely redefined in the last couple of years so that dating is inextricably linked with technology and the Internet.

Tinder is described as a “social lubricant” in this article.

The author draws an example of two different cultures.

In doing this, online dating services need a way of positioning themselves.implies that there is someone out there like your “other half” who will love the things about you, that you hate.It is interesting to note that the two dating services that are brand oriented, operate under the traditional perspective of online dating, that it is a service in place to work for people that traditional matchmaking failed (Smith, 2005).This framework is a relevant way of examining online dating services positioning as it takes into account the user’s experience of the brand.Urde (2014) states that brands can position themselves in an industry based on whether they are brand oriented or market oriented.

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