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Typically, this means your feed will only contain the public entries you make.

However, there are two ways for people to see protected entries to which they have access: By default, the feed of your journal shows all text before a cut tag and then a link to the entry.

When you're setting up your Open ID for use on our site, the other site will ask you if they can "pass your credentials" to Dreamwidth.

This is how your identity is validated and why you need to be logged in to another site to log in to Dreamwidth with Open ID.

The main difference between an Open ID account and an account you maintain on Dreamwidth itself is that you can't post entries in your own journal with an Open ID account, since Open ID accounts don't have journals.

However, Open ID accounts can post comments in other journals, subscribe to other journals, use a Reading Page, and be added to other people's access lists, and participate in communities.

To subscribe to a feed, go to the Feeds page, which you can reach through the "Read" menu on main site pages.

You can change this for your journal, or for a community you're the admin of, at the Privacy tab of the Account Settings page, under the setting "Syndication Level".

(To make the change for a community you admin, choose the community in the drop-down box next to "Work As" and hit the button labeled "Switch".) The options are: Open ID is a way for you to take the account you've created from another site that supports Open ID and use it to comment or participate in communities on Dreamwidth.

You can also subscribe to the The code Dreamwidth Studios uses for feeds works best with simple, valid RSS or Atom feeds.

Complex feeds or feeds that don't validate may not be usable on Dreamwidth. tag=cake These feeds can be used to read content from Dreamwidth on other sites or through dedicated feed reader programs.

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You can also subscribe to it the same way you subscribe to other journals.

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