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There’s also lots more information about avoiding the latest scams. Find out more what you can do to stop fraud on the Take Five website.DURBAN - Durban women are being duped into parting with thousands of rands in an international “romance scam” that’s leaving them out of pocket, and broken hearted.Stupid me borrowed the money to pay for it thinking that my engagement ring was in there,” she said. “I was crushed because we had many conversations, I even lost weight because of this situation.” Dr Sherona Rawat, a clinical psychologist at Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital in Durban, said criminals deliberately seek out vulnerable individuals.“Their goal is to trick an individual to make a profit for themselves in some way.However, while email scams can be quite easy to spot and avoid, others are much more sophisticated.The FCA’s Scam Smart website has a tool to help you check if an investment or pension opportunity is a scam. If you think you’re being targeted, hang up the phone, wait five minutes and then call your bank directly.

Her suspicions grew, however, when her requests for a video chat did not materialise.

They use psychology and play on an individual’s weaknesses and needs,” she said.

There was no harm in meeting people online, she said, and possible to fall in love with someone via electronic communication.

The day before he was due to land in the country, he said the machine swallowed his credit card and he urgently needed to pay his foreman 00 before he left.

“There was an urgency to it, and I felt under pressure.

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At first I said I have no money, but he kept calling and so I deposited about R25000 via money transfer into his account in Ghana,” she said.

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