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By using the same single term in many languages, the awareness of "Bezness" has increased significantly in the past years in various countries all over the world.

But this phenomenon is, as of today, still being underestimated due to ignorance (), tries to achieve his goals by letting the other in the dark about his goals, in fact, he might even assume that the other side is also having hidden goals of which he is not aware of.

The word was introduced in to the language probably in 1992 by the french-german-tunisian movie "Bezness" by the tunisian author Nouri Bouzid.

The DCFTA will build on the existing EU-Tunisia Association Agreement, which entered into force in 1998 and created a Free Trade Area between the EU and Tunisia.

The overall goal of the negotiations is to create new trade and investment opportunities and ensure a better integration of Tunisia's economy into the EU single market.

The pan-Euro-Mediterranean system allows for diagonal cumulation (i.e.

cumulation between two or more countries) between the EU, States, Turkey, the Western Balkans, the Faroe Islands, and any countries which signed the Barcelona Declaration of 1995.

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