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I think his solution is terrible, but I don’t have a better suggestion. “[Name], I love you so much, and I want to build a future with you, but I need you to SORT OUT YOUR FUCKING LIFE, so I’m going to give you some space to do that.

Call me when you’ve figured out a custody & housing arrangement that allows you to date me freely and openly.

He told me that he tried to take up with his ex that he would like to start dating other people.

His ex had a complete breakdown and told him that if he dates anyone else, she will move out and have the kids every other week.

He feels extremely guilty for asking me this, and says he understands perfectly if I don’t agree to it, but he seems to think it’s the best option for the situation.

I don’t think it’s good for the kids for a parent to keep such a huge secret from them, but that’s not my call to make.

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Now he is asking me to keep our relationship secret for 10ish years, until the kids are grown.

They have been living together, divorced, with him taking care of her and the children for several years.

He does not like this, but believes it is best for the children.

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So I agreed to keep us secret until the right time.

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