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There needs to be better awareness of additional therapies that can be used, simple home adaptations that can be put into place and ways of monitoring pain at home that mean early sings of increased pain levels are not missed.

One of the big problems I see is that owners simply don’t recognise the signs of arthritis in their pets until the disease is already quite advanced and their dog has potentially been suffering from pain for some time.

Once the condition has been recognised, I feel the approach used by a lot of vets, nurses and owners is not multi-modal enough in nature.

A lot of dogs are given a bottle of pain relief and expected to otherwise carry on as normal which for many patients is simply not possible and not enough.

Kathryn kindly agreed to answer the following questions: What are your thoughts on how we currently manage this common debilitating condition?

While there is no doubt that treatment for arthritis has improved hugely in recent years I think there is still along way to go.

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