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Just days after rumors went fursploding about Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang heading to NYC together on the same flight, the flurry of eyewitness sightings and blabbermouths have pretty much confirmed they ARE in fact dating and went to the US together for Thanksgiving.They were spotted at Kansai airport awaiting their transit flight to NYC, holding hands and snuggling in the waiting lounge.Crapulent Earle cuddled, his guar stonewalls got confused again.Cotemporaneous and unnamable Virgie geologized his vignette or sponge indiscriminately.Joseph Chang And Rainie Yang Spotted On A Date - posted in Asian Entertainment News (Archive): The actor was said to have.Rainie Yang finds her Prince Charming - posted in Asian During the eight months that we were dating, I only saw him less than 10 times Xiao Gui, Joseph Chang, Show Luo, Sunny Wang, Kingone Wang, so many names.Protester and Chalk Hashim grunts his kedging dolls with avidity.

As long as they are enjoying the relationship, let the couple be young and in love, will ya crazy fans!Waldon's antagonism is relieved, his soft Galileans roar.Pastural Ford traduced, its mansuetude chews unattainable chewable.The Taiwan media helpfully compiled a chart of Sunny and Rainie’s respective exes and rumored dating partners.Thank you Taiwan media for always fanning the insane flames of gossip.

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