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Most of the places we would play with big crowd, but the crowd that came that night, they were good to us. We played guitar in the living rooms of the church members.

I don’t mean insinuate that anybody else was any less enthusiastic about what we were doing. I remember us going to one of the Deacon’s houses where my Sunday School teachers and Kindergarten teacher were all gathered around.

I don’t know to what degree is more so, but the fans were just so welcoming and attentive of what we were playing and respectful.

Though various fans thought that Jamie and Dakota are likely to develop romantic feelings for each other while filming the movie series, the duo made it clear that they are just friends. Some reports claimed Amelia Warner's husband and Chris Martin's former ladylove got a little cozy with each other on the set of the three movies.

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When it comes to curating a sound of traditional country music, Jamey Johnson has made a name for himself in the music community.

This past weekend, Jamey Johnson performed for a double night stay at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.

Having performed at the venue for many years now, it and the fans have formed a special bond thanks to the power of music Prior to his show, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Jamey Johnson over his journey, as well as personal encounters, stories behind songs, and more.

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When they changed out the road signs back here at the RV camp there’s it one of the roads is called Hank Cochran Way.

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