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Throughout the episode, Jamal continues to record Keep Your Money, he expresses his concern about Cookie's disappearance and the quality of the song.

Meanwhile, Jamal and the sound engineers at Ghetto Ass Studios are robbed at gunpoint by Hakeem's friends, with Andre as the mastermind.

Lucious chases after him in anger for dressing that way, and Cookie attempts to stop him.

This flashback continues once Jamal performs Good Enough to an audience. Jamal and Hakeem discuss Cookie and Lucious, where Jamal denies that if Cookie manages him while Lucious manages Hakeem, there will be conflict between them.

Later on, Lucious enters Jamal's loft, augmenting the confrontation.

Hakeem, meanwhile, seeks advice from Jamal when he has an issue with Tiana.Meanwhile, Hakeem convinces Jamal to perform with him at Laviticus, and the duo performs No Apologies, with positive reception from the audience, and shock from Lucious.Although Cookie strives to find songwriters for Jamal, in order to promote a breakout hit and spark competition with Hakeem, Jamal refuses to be in competition with his brother. Later on, Jamal practices a song that Cookie's old friend gives to him, titled Up All Night, and adds his own twist.Meanwhile, as Jamal experiences his writer's block, he walks around his new neighborhood as a song vaguely enters his head, intimating the idea of Keep Your Money.Jamal escorts Cookie to a recording studio in the ghetto, titled Ghetto Ass Records, where he could only afford it for one day to record and release a new single.

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