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because you totally can through Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center.You'll see elk grazing up close and personal as you explore the center of the National Elk Refuge.There are many complexities of small-town courtship.Chances are you’ll spend time floundering, so whether you’re new to town or a seasoned local, it’s important to be realistic about what you’re getting yourself into. First, odds are you’re going to fraternize with someone your friend has “taken a couple of laps” with. Even on the greatest runs sometimes you cross tracks with other skiers.Besides, if anyone ever asks you if you want to fly somewhere on their jet the answer is always, yes.Where to find them: This crowd is easily identified not by their liberal spending (quite the opposite generally) but rather the fact they “work remotely” or use the word “summer” as a verb. The Unicorn Much time and energy has been spent debating whether this category actually exists.

Where to find them: Why else are you still Facebook friends with your freshmen year dormmate who lives in NYC/SF/BOS? The Trustafarian Have you ever dreamt of doing yoga all day and traveling all the time in your van, only to realize shit, that’s right, I don’t have a trust fund.

And remember, whether you’re going through a purple patch or a dry spell, keep your head on a swivel.

The best adventures are often because of missteps, not in spite of them.

That said, here’s a non-exhaustive outline of who you’re going to run into out there, where to find them, and how to identify them. The Professional This person is all about living the dream (LTD, bro). Well, they’re going to tell you about theirs anyway.

They’ve figured out how to get paid a trivial amount of money to spend their days on the river/in the mountains. Although you may be exposed to beta that you don’t need and slang you don’t care about (what the hell’s a crimper anyway?

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