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WTS / WTT Baikal IZH-35M Russian Target Pistol in very good condition. The only thing I have done to the pistol was put two coats of stock oil on the grips.

Pyramid offers a trigger upgrade that will help left- handed guys.At 75 feet, the RWS Diablo Basics are shooting 5 shot groups around 1/2" but print 3/4" low for a 50 foot zero. What others should know: Gun comes with a spare set of seals, cleaning rod, combo disassembly tool, pin punch, and varying width front sights.Schematic and disassembly instructions are a little sparse in the documentation.First of all I would like to tell, that I do not smoke and I do not abuse spirits, I consider that girls should care of the health, in fact each girl is future mum, and it should health, on character I the kind, sociable girl cares of the, always it is possible to rely on me a difficult minute, for the year I have not met suitable the man therefore I have decided to try to find the love by means of the Internet.I search for the man of the dream, kind, sincere and careful and I all heart trust and I hope that I shall meet the prince!

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Th grip is big, but when shooting single-handed, it is very stable. When I grasp the grip and shake the pistol, you can feel the frame is loose somehow, not attached to the grip tightly.

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