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In another press statement Slack tries to pin the blame on the US government: “Slack complies with the U. regulations related to embargoed countries and regions.

As such, we prohibit unauthorized Slack use in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and the Crimea region of Ukraine.

(September 2011) Illegal abortions in Iran - DW Persian (January 2, 2015) Honor Crimes Iran: Honour killings (Landinfo) Violence against women and honour-related violence in Iran.

Half of Iranians Say ‘No’ to Pillar of Revolution - NY Times (February 4, 2018) Tehran Police Will No Longer Arrest Women Who Break Dress Code - RFE/RL (December 28, 2017) What Street Style in Iran Is Really Like - Teen Vogue (October 2, 2017) We hate the headscarf': can women find freedom in Tehran's female-only parks?

On Thursday morning, I started seeing a bunch of tweets pop up in my feed from people of Iranian backgrounds, who no longer lived in Iran, who were having their entire Slack groups shut down, with the company blaming US laws regarding sanctions on Iran. I’m a Ph D student in Canada with no teammates from Iran! YQc MJYz — Amir Omidi (@aaomidi) December 20, 2018 Yesterday, @Slack HQ sent me an email.

Is Slack shutting down accounts of those ethnically associated with Iran?! #slack #Us Sanctions Y8Ltczq8v — Amir (@a_h_a) December 19, 2018 So @Slack HQ decided to send me this email. No way to prove that I'm not living in Iran and not working with Iranians on slack. My accounts on various Slack teams had been immediately deactivated, with no prior warning. I've visited family in Iran and used Slack when there.

We do not possess information about nationality or the ethnicity of our users.

If users think we’ve made a mistake in blocking their access, please reach out to [email protected] we’ll review as soon as possible.” All of the blocked people talking about it on Twitter note that they don't live in any sanctioned country -- though many admit to having visited those countries in the past (often years ago) and probably checking in on Slack while they were there. is not how the sanctions system is supposed to work.

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The Verge (linked above) spoke to an Oxford researcher with knowledge in this area: “They are either incompetent at OFAC interpretation or racist,” said Oxford researcher Mahsa Alimardani, who specializes in communication tools in Iran. And a bunch of other regulations targeting the internet as well.

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