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They rely on spiders — little bits of computer code that each search engine sends out to “crawl” the web (hence, “spider”). The spider’s job is to and update the already indexed version of your site.

To put it simply, indexing is the spider’s way of gathering and processing all the data from pages and sites during its crawl around the web. The spider notes new documents and changes, which are then added to the searchable index Google maintains.More important than how often Google indexes your site is how many pages it’s indexing.You want to ensure as many of the pages on your site as possible are indexed. The following 18 steps will guide you through everything you need to know about getting your website indexed.It also analyzes the titles tag, meta tag, and alt attributes for images. When a search user comes along looking for information by typing in search keywords, Google’s algorithm goes to work.That spider then adds, or “indexes”, that content into Google. The algorithm then decides where to rank a page in comparison to all the other pages related to those keywords.

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