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They are no longer supposed to be a challenge because of how easily accessible they are.

So basically what I'm saying is that LFD Heroic Dungeons should be on par with the difficulty of LFR Raids due to the wide amount of people that have access to them, and more specifically, the 'under performers' that have access to them.

- gms have concluded that if the unstoppable force and the immovable object were to collide, there would be no survivors...

On the battlefield, the Warleader shines as a warrior on the front line and inspiration to his allies.

No one is forced to split into five, you would just do dungeons during off hours when no raids are scheduled or there are only a few online. Blizzard has turned heroic dungeons into what was a challenge to something that people should be able to finish during their lunch.

wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple of warcraft'ta orgrimmar girişinde valley of strength'te bulunan, kalimdor halkının (might of kalimdor) qiraji ırkıyla savaşını yöneten komutanıdıqiraj kapılarının açılması eventinde silithus'ta bulunan saurfang'in "barış" zamanlarında işi orgrimmar'a yapılan ally raidlerini ally'ları rezil edecek şekilde sonlandırmasıdır zira kendisi intimidating shout, cleave, intercept, execute, mortal strike gibi sürü sepet warrior ability'lerinin yanında saurfang's rage isimli bi ability'e de sahiptir.bu ability sayesinde kendisine critleyen ölümlüye instant 8000-12000 damage arası vurur - ki bu da bir çok class için one shot ölmek demektir.even so, he hates both sides to keep his rage bar full.- when saurfang was level 10, he joined the queue for warsong gulch. his first cleave cleaved the battlefield in half, his second killed both spirit guides, his third killed everyone else.

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