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All complaints about any matter wind up on the desk of Chief Operating Officer Ms Cameron’s – even complaints about herself.

How is it possible that complaints made about Ms Cameron inability to abide by Screen Australia’s guidelines or speak the truth are adjudicated by Ms Cameron?

You write, in your final sentence: “In relation to your questions on whether specific staff are APS employees, this is a matter for Screen Australia to advise you on.” As you know from my I have asked Screen Australia to provide me with information regarding APS staff levels. And the reason why it has ignored my request and can ignore all of my correspondence is because Ruth Harley, the Screen Australia Board and Fiona Cameron know that Thank you for the information regarding the Chief Executive Officer and the Board being required by the Public Service Code of Conduct and by Screen Australia’s own Code of Conduct.

Combine this with Screen Australia’s capacity (and proven ability) to punish anyone who dares to question the integrity or honesty of any person in senior management, and you have a dynamic in place such that senior management can do pretty well what they please and not be held accountable by anyone – up to and including the Hon Simon Crean.

It may well be that my letter to Caroline Fulton is defamatory.

If so, Fiona Cameron would be quite within her rights to sue me for defamation.

This is an extraordinary state of affairs and symptomatic of the problems faced by the government of which Mr Crean is a part.

I am sure, Caroline, that you take offence at being referred to as a spin doctor but that’s what you are in this instance.

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It is an integral part of her job to be transparent and accountable and, when she is not (for whatever reason) it is right and appropriate that journalists, politicians and members of the public be allowed to voice their opinions.

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