Intimadating body language

His desire to keep his space his own may stem from either fear or a need for dominance.

This type of dog can be very dangerous if you cross his boundaries and could easily bite someone for being in his home. This type of aggression in dogs is a need for possession of their things, this could be a sign of dominate dog aggression.

This dog can be violent if cornered and often responds poorly to anything they feel threatened by when they are on a leash or lead.

Many owners do not take this sort of dog aggression seriously, but it should be noted that this is a very serious behavior problem.

This dog can be very dangerous and can often be seen causing fights in local dog parks.

When a dog gets into fight mode, he is often so sharply focused on his opponent than any external forces he may consider his combatant as well.

This is a tough one, because just about any dog who is in such an intense situation may succumb to misdirected aggression.

A common kind of aggression, this dog is very protective of his space.

He feels threatened by any humans or other dogs entering his home, yard, garden or personal space.

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And if left uncorrected may lead to serious consequences.

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