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Just two years later the cast reunited for the film version of the show was an early 90's sci-fi hit that followed time-traveling hottie Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) as he was transported from body to body to find his way home.

Mixing action, sci-fi, and comedy, Beckett would leap into different bodies, at times even crossing genders.

It's crazy to think that just twenty years ago TV was reluctant to air shows with diverse cast members.

It's also shocking to see what actors wanted to move from TV to film, no matter how much money was offered to them to stay on their hit show.

Irreverent, witty, and ahead of its time, lasted five seasons garnering a dedicated audience who couldn't wait to see more.Known for its iconic image of a man and two robots sitting in movie seats at the bottom of the screen, the show featured classic duds like Space Mutiny, Angel's Revenge, and of course, Manos: The Hands of Fate.became a popular cult sensation on Comedy Central, then was picked up by Syfy, but the cost of acquiring rights to even some of the worst films became too expensive.In an infamous episode, Blossom faced a violent attack from a boy she was dating.NBC received backlash for having “issue” based episodes, so they decided to axe the show as many fought over creative differences.

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And who could forget Joey Lawrence playing Blossom’s dumb jock brother Joey, occasionally spewing his famous line, “Whoa!

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