History on stradiuarius violins dating in the 1800s dead man dating

A tradition under threat While some fear this centuries-old tradition is at risk in light of the changing climate, Sandro Asinari, the vice president of Cremona's guild of violin-makers, isn't concerned.At least not about the damage caused by the October storm. "I know lots of trees have been damaged, but I also know the local foresters are working hard to save the trees that snapped.

The effects are being felt across the country, not just in the singing woods.

And more than 300 years after the death of the world's most famous luthier — someone who builds or repairs string instruments with a neck and a sound box — trees from this vast spruce woodland are still used to make violins, cellos, upright basses and pianos.

But the famous singing wood is feeling the effects of climate change in the form of more extreme weather, says local forester Paolo Kovacs, as he maneuvers his four-wheel drive around a narrow mountain path in the idyllic Fiemme Valley.

"We're buying up pieces of the woods to control them better in the future," he said of the state-owned Paneveggio forest.

"We are confident our tradition will last another 400 years." French researchers have busted a common myth that the tonal qualities of a real Stradivarius can not be matched by any other instrument in the world. () Rescue divers have retrieved nine bodies from a flooded house on the southern Italian island of Sicily.

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