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He died in Omaha’s Hanscom Park in 1909 at the age of 60 in highly mysterious circumstances.

Ostensibly a suicide, it was reported at the time that he shot himself first in the temple, then in the chest, with his left hand, although Julius was right-handed.

Ultimately, it's what you make of your name that counts.

For at the beginning we are given a name, and at the end of life a "good name" is all we take with us.

Like most Jews in the American West, the Bibo brothers worked as traders, but they were far from ordinary.

Unlike many Europeans at the time, they quickly garnered a reputation for fairness and honesty when dealing with Native Americans. Government offered the Acoma a treaty guaranteeing the tribe 94,000 acres of land, far less they felt they deserved.

And of course, enjoy some chocolate cake and ice cream.Ironically, the one birthday mentioned in the Torah is that of Pharaoh (Genesis -22).To celebrate, Pharaoh hosted a feast, and made a personal accounting of his life.Would a Jewish Superintendent of Indian Affairs try to convert Native Americans to Judaism? Herman Bendell, a New York doctor whom President Ulysses Grant appointed to be the Arizona Territory’s point man on Indian Affairs, would do just that. Bendell would “undo” the work of Christian missionaries and start spreading Judaism among Arizona’s Native Americans. Herman Bendell during the Civil War In reality, Dr. Bendell quickly emerged as a champion of Native rights within the government, writing, “I feel it is a duty I owe to the people of the Country and the Indians under my charge to do something to relieve the pressures that surround them.” But after two years, intense opposition to Dr. He resigned, returned to Albany, married his childhood sweetheart Wilhelmine Lewi, and practiced medicine. Bendell, longtime New York state ophthalmologist, had once worked to secure Indian rights in pre-state Arizona.Bendell’s Judaism was one of the reasons President Grant appointed him; he wanted to include someone who would not prioritize missionary work. Julius Meyer was born in Prussia and moved to Omaha as a teenager in 1866, the year before Omaha was incorporated as a city and Nebraska was admitted to the Union as a State.

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This comes from the same root as the word "thanks." The letters can also be rearranged to spell out the holy Name of God.

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