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“Congratulations,” said my lawyer, enthusiasm halfhearted. With a wink, he added, “Make sure your families come to the wedding. You wouldn’t believe how many people try to get away with false marriages for a Green Card.” Laughing nervously while taking thorough mental notes, Joe and I bid the man farewell and set off to prove ourselves on paper.

Over the next few months, Joe and I actually became good friends.

Many of the arrangements are simple transactions between two individuals, often in exchange for money paid to the legal resident.

In other cases the legal resident is an unwitting victim of a fraudulent marriage.

“You have two options, Miss,” said the shifty lawyer I randomly selected to advise me on my immigration prognosis.

I had fled a troubled phase in London for a second chance in New York, fallen in love with the city, overstayed my tourist visa, and couldn’t bear to drag myself home.

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Joe marries her so that she can become a US citizen.

In the seventh season of the TV show Malcolm in the Middle, Reese is tricked by Raduca, his grandmother's servant from Eastern Europe, to marry her and study for the green card exam to gain her citizenship.

In yet other cases the marriages are arranged by criminal enterprises, sometimes involving the complicity of corrupt immigration officials who accept payment for describing the marriage as legitimate in immigration paperwork.

The films The Proposal and The Wedding Banquet portray a similar marriages of convenience designed to allow the main female character to stay in the United States.

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