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You also have to remember that if you choose to forgive someone, you have to do that, you can't hold their mistakes against them, you've got to learn to forgive and then try to forget. From experience, I can say with some confidence that however upsetting uncovering something like this is, it is often just the tip of the iceberg.

I've had long-term relationships with 2 serial cheaters (One was a 4 year relationship, had been cheating on me for at least 6 months, the other was a 2 year relationship, he was cheating for almost a year), and both times I had no idea (I'd say I was a pretty intelligent person, these men were maticulous at covering their tracks, in both cases the other girl (s) didn't know he had a girlfriend).

So we have been together for just over a year and i came across a conversation on his skype with a random girl he met on the internet..probably wouldnt have bothered me but the stuff that he was saying was just horrible, he was telling to take her clothes off and do things for him.

After i confronted him he was really upset and genuinely sorry saying he didnt want to loose me however i cant seem to get it out of my head.

Give it time, see if you can put it out of your mind, and if not, then perhaps reassess things... We all make mistakes at points in a relationship, if you feel that your partner is sorry and really means it, just reconcile, and see what exactly made your parter feel the way that they did, and see just how oyu can prevent it in the future.

I'd say have a conversation and find out how far he took things.

When asking “Are you a bot” the invariable answer is “lol no i’m not a bot silly.” The contact in our example has listed their birthdate as 1980, but claims to be 25 years old.

That doesn’t add up either and when we ask about it, the question is completely ignored.

I forgave my bf because he told me he was truly sorry for what he did. HE STILL ****ING MAKES MY LIFE HE'LL AND YOU NEED TO ****ING GET RID OF HIM !!!!This may happen from time to time, particularly if your Skype name is publically searchable.But what is really behind these contact requests and why do people bother?Once doing things online was no longer a thrill, he may seek the real thing.BUT, if he seemed genuinely sorry then perhaps he is, and the shock of being caught, and associated possibility of losing you, may have made him realise how much he loves and wants to be with you.

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He needs to find a way to reestablish the trust that he broke, but if he can do that it'll probably be worth it for the both of you and make your relationship stronger as long as there's definitely no repeat.

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