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His laidback style, charming and business acuity has accumulated him a large and loyal consumer base.Most of his info products typically run from 00 and up a tag price that has become popular among knowledgeable and savvy Internet marketers. Frank Kern began his sales and marketing career as a door-to-door salesman for credit card systems, during this beginning times he experienced a lot of rejection.

This podcast is really centered around one thing - the story of how these individuals found their “passion" & how fulfilling it is to live a life fueled by it!

Some of Frank's best info products include: • Mass Control 2.0 (re-launched Sep, 2011) • List Control • Screw Google System (created with Trey Smith) • Pipeline Profits • Serializer Seminar • Infomillionaire • Mass Conversion (2014) Frank Kern attributes his success online to his belief that everything is possible when you don't give up and continue pursuing.

He understands the importance of building a strong mindset and knows he could have never done it without the Tony Robbin's tape which helped initiated his work on his personal development and granted him a higher believe on himself.

Frank has rightly been called the “Father of Internet Marketing” and the “President of the Internet.” What is most surprising about Frank is that his success continues to grow.

Along with being one of the founders of internet marketing, Frank remains one of the most knowledgeable people about this rapidly evolving field.

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  1. When their prior relationship ended, they truly believed that they would never be together again, yet are now back and more in love than they were the first time around.