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For example, if we by mistake delete the files from the file system, SQL Would treat it as a database corruption and would throw errors during the next Check DB run.

Msg 7904, Level 16, State 2, Line 1 Table error: Cannot find the FILESTREAM file "00000020-00000146-000a" for column ID 2 (column directory ID d35bf83a-99c0-4a7d-ac24-e9f7cf15a54b) in object ID 101575400, index ID 1, partition ID 72057594038910976, page ID (0), slot ID 0.

If this parameter is not set to true, then replication would fail whenever the File Stream object is grater than 2 GB.

In the customer scenario, since he was creating a new DB through the “Create Subscription Wizard” and not specifying the File Stream filegroups, replication was failing with the above message.

The above used @schema_option can be broken down as follows.

0x100000000 0x8000000 0x4000000 0x20000 0x10000 0x4000 0x800 0x400 0x200 0x100 0x80 0x40 0x10 0x01 Details of the various hex codes can be found here.

Use this option to replicate the FILESTREAM attribute if it is specified on varbinary(max) columns.

Do not specify this option if you are replicating tables to SQL Server 2005 Subscribers.

Set this option to store FILESTREAM data on its own filegroup at the Subscriber.File Stream was not created for external modifications.If the documents are modified outside of SQL, then the database is risk.If this option is not set, FILESTREAM data is stored on the default filegroup.Replication does not create filegroups; therefore, if you set this option, you must create the filegroup before you apply the snapshot at the Subscriber.

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File Stream storage, is not supposed to be modified outside of SQL.

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