Enneagram and dating

I definitely do better with passive types, particularly 4s and 9s.I've actually never had much experience being with an x SFP.

I think being an enneagram 3 gives me a lot of appreciation for Fe, especially in terms of relationships.

Also, as an INTJ 3w4 I tend to find myself happiest in relationships that go against stereotypical MBTI compatibility. In my personal experience with a relationship with an ENFJ 3w2 sp/sx "vanity of no vanity" countertype, I can relate to what you are saying with "power couple fantasy" or "mirroring the perfect image of a perfect partner to each other.

I think this is something that can improve with work through enneagram.

It seems to take a while for 3s to realize what actually works for us.

I'm just curious what everyone's thoughts/ experiences are dating or dating as a 3.

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