Dns updating zone serial

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Visit Stack Exchange I've a BIND9 server with a lot of zones and I need to increase the serial number of the zone files by one.

As long as the SOA serial number on the secondary name severs is lower than the SOA serial number on the primary name servers, a zone transfer will occur.

If the SOA serial number on the secondary name servers is higher than the SOA number on the primary name servers, a zone transfer will not occur.

Information about domains in the DNS database is stored in zone files.

A zone file consists of directives and resource records.

Some zones are using the YYYYMMDDXX format but other zones just increase it by one, as they are dynamic DNS zones, so updating all by one would do the job for me. I tried with If it is an SOA line ("SOA" with a space or tab before and after it) then increment field 7 (serial number). This only increments the serial number which is what was asked, however you'll still need to trigger a reload and notifies to the secondary servers to propagate the changes.

Since the bind zone format is pretty flexible any simple text manipulation tools might be a bit dangerous.

If you arrived at this page by following a link, please let us know and we'll fix it straight away.Directives are optional, but resource records are required.A resource record has the following fields (some fields are optional, depending on the Type): $TTL 86400 ; 1 day IN SOA dns. ( 57 ; serial 28800 ; refresh (8 hours) 7200 ; retry (2 hours) 2419200 ; expire (4 weeks) 86400 ; minimum (1 day) ) IN NS dns.One method to accomplish your goal, might be to enable dynamic updates for all your zones, with acls limiting access from the local machine only.Then simply add add, and then remove a temporary record in each zone with nsupdate. is the tool of choice for ignoring serial numbers and just doing it.

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