Discuss the use of carbon 14 in carbon dating

Any carbon-containing material that affects the carbon 14 content of any given sample is therefore a contaminant.

Important Note on Pretreatment – It is important to understand the pretreatments which are going to be applied to samples since they directly affect the final result.

Labeling of bone samples with animal glue is an example of artificial contamination.Other contaminants that may be introduced during sample collection and packaging are biocides, conservation chemicals like polyvinyl acetate and polyethylene glycol, cigarette ash, and labels and wrappers that are made of paper.Contaminated samples, naturally, will have inaccurate results.The researchers collected roughly 70-metre core samples from the lake and painstakingly counted the layers to come up with a direct record stretching back 52,000 years.Preserved leaves in the cores — “they look fresh as if they’ve fallen very recently”, Bronk Ramsey says — yielded 651 carbon dates that could be compared to the calendar dates of the sediment they were found in.

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