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First, the development of effective prevention strategies is contingent on having credible knowledge about the underlying causes of sexual offending and victimization.

Without credible etiological knowledge, prevention efforts are likely to be haphazard and inefficient.

After a short honeymoon period, her knight in shinning armor began to change.It’s a secret known only to its members who pay a yearly fee to join. It’s an underworld where kinky sex meets the circus — the weirder the better.If you are having trouble juggling, male, female, homosexual, bisexual, transexual and non-binary these days; put polyamorous and pansexual in your pipe and smoke it.While research has generated important insights about the etiology of sexual offending, our understanding of the causes and origins of sexually abusive behavior arguably remains rudimentary.There are multiple reasons why it is important to be concerned with the etiology of sexual offending.

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It’s a playground for the promiscuous — the strange, bizarre, the disaffected.

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