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When I click Update, I get the Item Updating event but not the Item Updated event, and the revisions are not written to the database.It would be nice if there were an error event or exception somewhere to look at but I don't see anything like this. Details View Item Updated event doesn't fire Dear all I have a Details View defined in the ASPX, to which I assign an Object Data Source programmatically in the code-behind.What should i do so i can use Login control as it was out of custom control?Enter SB: Hi, i have created custom control which contains Lo...The updatepanel has one trigger: the dropdownlist selected Index Changed event. Any suggestion or ideas how to implement this event? (Please post code ) Please Mark As Answer posts that helped you."If we learn from our mistakes, I should be brilliant by now." check that the button's on Click event in the event properties window actually has the name of the method you are using as the click event handler Micky BIntranet Developer...Thanks Regards Gaurav Kumar Hi gkumar85 , gkumar85: Now I want to fire an Initialize Row event of Gridview on the page. Firing datasource control event without databinding control I wonder if there is a way to fire a datasource's selecting event without databinding control. I have a detailsview with a template field where a textbox is.Everything appears to be wired up correctly (the correct values are sent to the database when the Update button is clicked) and I want various data bound Drop Down List controls to be refreshed to reflect the updated data.I have read that the place to rebind these controls is in the Item Updated() event of the ...

When i click on Log in button, all i get is that my default page is opened, which shows menu item.The situation is pretty simple - I have a Grid View and Details View bound to a SQL Server datasource; there are 4 employee records listed in my grid and a select for each to view (detailsview) further info on each employee.The standard Command Field column control has been used in Details View to provide Edit - Update/Cancel buttons and that all wo...The Initialize Row method is used to initialize a row in the Grid View control and it is called by Grid View control internally. But you can create a custom control which extends the Grid View control and intercept its Initialize Row ... Button control event not firing on a wizard control? On one of the wizardsteps, I have a button control and the server side click event will not fire! When detailsview is loaded I want to display some in the textbox.Using a user control 2 times on a page: first one fires all events, second one fires all events but not 4 buttons Hello! Firing an event handler on an button which is generated dynamically in an user control present in update panel I have created an user control which is placed in update panel. Well, there is other ways to do that, but I put a datasource control.

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