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Clichés ‘Work hard, play harder.’ ‘It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.’ ‘Insert witty profile here.’ Cringe.Not forgetting the worst: ‘Looking for a partner in crime.’ Excuse me while I wipe the vomit off my phone screen.Some sites will ask for more specific information – Are you religious? Here’s a simple four-part template to get you started: 1. Choose something that speaks specifically to the kind of person you are.Avoid listing generic positive traits; people will assume you’re decent, kind and friendly unless you show them otherwise.

Anyone who’s spent more than ten minutes scrolling through a list of Tinder hopefuls will know that sinking feeling when you swipe right on someone you think has a great sense of humour – only to then see the same jokes repeated again and again in other people’s profiles.

You know the ones: ‘Looking to leave the single market before the UK does.’ ‘I’ve got plenty of suits so I make a great 1 for weddings.’ ‘“Five stars!

” – my mum.’ You might think you’re coming across as a great wit, but really all you’re saying is ‘I’m so boring I had to google what to put in my dating app bio.’ Excuses about online dating ‘Can’t believe I’m on here.’ It’s nearly 2020, love, we’re all on here.

While it’s fine to have preferences, measuring someone’s potential in feet and inches seems rather reductive to say the least (and no, putting something snarky like ‘6' 2" seeing as everyone seems to care’ doesn’t make you any better than the rest).

In any case, judging by all the men on dating sites who seem convinced that they’re well over six foot, the numbers count for little.

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According to the Office for National Statistics, the average height for a man in the UK is five foot nine – so unless tall men are somehow more predisposed to use dating apps than the rest of the population, a lot of people are being rather liberal with the tape measure.

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