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You need to get a PC with Internet connection first, where you can download required files.

Once you have downloaded all the files, You can now create a CD/DVD rom or ISO file which can you use to install the software you have downloaded in your offline PC.

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United Airlines president Oscar Munoz offended multitudes with an initial tweet that reeked of Orwellian corporatespeak: “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”His follow-up efforts sounded more heartfelt.

But if I can sift though the noise, it SEEMS like what you're saying is don't do it.

sounds like there's some serious disagreement between y'all.

OK, I feel a little ridiculous, but I figure maybe not so ridiculous not to ask the internet for advice. TLDR; is 3rd date too early to read poetry to someone you're excited about? For the love of god do not read her poetry, it is way way too much too soon.

In my early 30s, just met lovely age appropriate girl online. Oh yeah, and I need an answer today by about Pacific Daylight Time. If I guy did that to me, not only would it put me off but I would have serious concerns about his emotional stability.

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