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he was from Norway or someplace, I’m sure he seriously hoped he wouldn’t end up in an American hospital. Ridiculously friendly and gregarious, I’m a happy drunk. After I bid him goodbye, he sent me over 50 text messages…

I became bored with the musical selections of the Carpenters, so I began singing a rousing, hillbilly-esque version of “You Shook Me All Night Long”. I was mad and went home, even though I had enough driving to do me for the weekend. I’m a single girl and I could seriously use the $$. that ran the gamut between begging me to come back, telling me that I’m ugly, to saying that he was calling an Asian hooker and he was going to send me video of their activities (this was the point when I blocked him, thank you i OS 7).

I do not think you advance your cause by hijacking a comment thread on this blog.

One of the great dangers of policing thought and comment is that it only pushes the worst of these under the radar.

From configuring settings to publishing pages to helping you pick the perfect design, they’re all ears, all smiles, and all human.

It’s been a great privilege and a life-changing experience.

The details haven’t been worthy of writing about anyway. And they were fucking good looking men and we were a table of 20-something nurses, already half lit. It turned out that there was a convention at the hotel of FIREFIGHTERS AND PARAMEDICS. There were firefighters and paramedics there from all over the world, with cameras and video cameras.

I’ve made a few promises to friends that if I ever feel suicidal I’ll talk to them. Last week someone asked why I choose the subjects that I do for my photography (abandonments, specifically)… they’re rejected, unloved, forgotten, ignored, not as pretty as they used to be, no longer useful, haunted… Maybe, together, the camera and I can save a little bit of these places, for posterity… As we were drinking and doing shots, we noticed the bar filling up with MEN, just MEN.

If I believed in a god, I would tell you that god had blessed him immensely, we always have a good time, we have HOT sex and I genuinely like him. I suggest talking, counseling, trying to reconnect, etc… “There’s something else.” “Okay.” “I’m having an affair.” Well slap my ass and call me Fanny… I hate to judge people, I REALLY do and I try so goddamn hard not to… When we arrived at the bar it was pretty deserted and the vibe in the bar had just as strong of a 70s vibe as the rooms did, I loved it!

Spoiler alert, I connected them and made the SPOOC. (Pardon me while I smack myself upside the head.) Take note of your genre, gentle readers!

Site Ground offers top-tier website performance and support regardless of your technical skill.

I don’t dislike her, she and I always got along pretty well… don’t be a fucking coward and sneak around like some common tramp. But this was after I had grown up a little bit, graduated from nursing school and traveled to the largest city in my state to take my State Board examination.

all things bad for me and ridiculously unseductive. Someone that I love and respect madly told me that if I don’t at least try, he will be pissed at me… Anyway, I get a text message from my EX sister-in-law that I’ve only spoken to a handful of times over the last 4 years. If you’re done with someone, grow some balls and end it… Yet, I still managed to graduate with honors, not get in trouble with the law or get pregnant.

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: Sadly, because the good pastor himself is a bigot. Peters is more evidence that trying to reason with bigots serves no purpose whatsoever. The campaign to end hate speech in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod continues. I would be happy to continue this discussion privately but little light is being generated here — only heat.

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