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“Since the boulder trail markings are very small, they are removed within tens of million years.” As for the scarps also found in the Lorentz crater basin, these are likely created by multiple moonquakes over time, Kumar said.Working out the ages of the scarps is more difficult than the boulder trails and will require additional work, he said.By Larry O’Hanlon The Apollo Moon buggies weren’t the only things rolling over the Moon’s surface in the early 1970s.New research has found that a strong moonquake in 1975 probably sent boulders tumbling down crater walls on our nearest neighbor.

If recurring moonquakes exist, they could be signs of faults slipping in the Moon’s crust.

Image (a) shows boulder falls of two different ages: The older trail is superimposed by an impact crater, while the young trail crosscuts the impact crater.

Images b–d and c–e show older and younger boulder trails of two craters, respectively.

They concluded that none of the local impact craters could easily explain the recently formed boulder avalanches.

This bolsters the idea that the moonquake was caused by a fault in the Moon’s crust.

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The Shaluli Mountain on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau is an ideal place for plaeo-glacier study, because there are abundant Quaternary glacial remains there.

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