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Another explanation is that people who do not know each other's family histories risk being involved in a relationship with a relative. Most young people meet and date in schools, colleges, and universities without meeting each other's family.

Not all Zimbabweans enjoy the same living conditions. Most of the roads in the rural areas are not well paved.

In 1980, the nation of Zimbabwe was born when the people won independence from the British.PRONUNCIATION: zim-BAHB-wee-uhns ALTERNATE NAMES: (Formerly) Rhodesians LOCATION: Zimbabwe POPULATION: 10.4 million LANGUAGE: Chi Shona; isi Ndebele; English RELIGION: Indigenous beliefs; Christianity; Islam Zimbabwe is known for its rich tradition of stone sculpture and for its natural tourist attractions such as the Great Zimbabwe Falls and Victoria Falls.It was a British colony known as Rhodesia from 1896 until 1980.Some of the ethnic heroes, such as Mbuya Nehanda, Kaguvi, and Lobengula, have become national symbols. Because of colonization, most Zimbabwean families live in two worlds: the African and the European (or Western).However, in their daily lives, Zimbabweans blend these two.

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