Dating wooden sewing thread spools

But another type of spool furniture was made from the empty thread spools that were saved by sewers.

Terry Kovel’s column is syndicated by King Features.It has six steel rods with wood ball caps for storage of spools of thread; a pincushion top; and a drawer in the base for notions.The caddy is 7-1/2 tall; the base measures 4-1/4 square and there is a 2-5/8" vertical space for spools; and it rests on turned feet.A lapel pin may be a badge or company insignia, or it may be just a piece of jewelry. A: Girl Scout collectors search for anything pertaining to the Girl Scouts.A small American flag is a popular lapel pin today. The Girl Scout movement started in 1912 under the leadership of Juliette Gordon Low of Savannah, Ga.

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