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April 6, 2019, at Fief Fifty Studios, SHADU-NAR-MATTARU officially started work on the first album. March 9, 2019 saw the second Jam Sesh with Clayton and before we cut tape we came up with a band name... At last after aeons of past-ancient haunting ghosts, we are free to once again make quest into the unknown and draw a path in the sand, snow and woods anew with an exciting and eagerly awaited darkness and vision-fueled endeavor...cousin, Clayton M.No specific details can be given on titles, artwork or a release date but in our first session we were able to complete music for our first collaborated effort (in forever). Shaver and I have embarked on the very beginnings of something new.The project has undergone a series of identity shifts and until early summer 2018 had largely retained a Death Metal style and approach.Summer 2018 would bring about the newest and most extreme juncture in the VHOD labyrinth, adopting an instrumental 'Fringe Metal' genre and shifiting gears in both musical style and overall expression.

My intention is only to collaborate on an amazing piece of work. is a complicated and multi-faceted project which was spearheaded by sole member Christopher Ian Shaver in January 2014.

Truth is, I've got squillions of riffs recorded on various mediums and this concept would probably yield 2 to 3 volumes at least.

This may not appeal to many...having bits and pieces of riffs without any structure or emotional groove.

This piece, especially the last solo at , is dedicated to my late sister, Jessica Colleen Shaver, who passed earlier this year from a lengthy but admirably fought battle with Huntington's Disease. RIP Teshie :(I still have a concept to realize which I've called 'Riff Tapes'.

In essence this would be a collection of single riffs or some short progressions of riffs all neatly and soundly organized on to a full-length album.

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