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No, wait, it is like you see color for the first time, even more… Somewhere between physical attraction and emotional attraction lies the eye contact attraction.

It is like you speak the same language, only no one says a word. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work] #1 You instantly feel like you know one another.

Anger is the closest feeling to lust, so it does make for some pretty awesome makeup sex.

[Read: Secrets of a love-hate relationship – Can it ever work?

A very odd and overwhelming sensation, eye contact attraction makes you start to question things that you might not have believed in to begin with. 16 signs to know if you’ve found others] #10 It isn’t about the color, it is something deep-seeded.

Eye contact attraction has nothing to do with you liking their eyes.

Like telepathy between you both, your eyes truly do tell what your heart feels without a word being exchanged.

It is about liking something that you see in a person’s eyes connected to their inner spirit. Like you peer into someone and see all their potential, goodness, and the beauty underneath.

Eye contact attraction isn’t just about finding someone’s unusually beautiful eyes attractive.

Eye contact attraction is unlike anything you felt before. Eye contact attraction is when you look someone in the eye, and you have an instant feeling like you met this person before.

Not just met them; you feel they are someone familiar and special.

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