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Fetal aging sounds like a technique used by Ob/Gyn doctors and ultrasound technicians, but deer managers can learn a lot about the population they’re managing by taking some annual fetal measurements.Joe Hamilton, QDMA’s founder, led a research project from 1979 to 1983 that ultimately developed the fetal-aging criteria and scale that deer managers throughout North America still use today.

This analysis is the preferred method for determining the length of and especially the peak of the rut across the whitetail’s range, and it allows managers to detect changes in breeding dates with respect to herd management programs. All you need is a fetus scale, available from QDMA, and a little knowledge about where to find the fetuses.

The Julian date of 496 occurs on May 11, the date the fawn would have been born.

Once you determine conception dates, it’s time to graph the data.

However, a quick inspection will easily distinguish between the two.

Once the fetus is in hand, you can age it and determine conception and birth dates in less than five minutes at camp or on your tailgate using a fetus scale. Select the calendar that allows you to subtract the days from conception from the Julian date and also allows adding the days to parturition to the Julian date.

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This chart will reveal the range of breeding dates and the peak of the rut for your area.

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